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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grant Saxena - Backblast (Original Mix) incl. Nicologik Remix OUT NOW! [Graygoo Purple]

Available exclusively on Beatport:

After "Future Truth" Grant Saxena comes back to GrayGoo Purple with his brand new single "Backblast", followed by a Remix by Nicologik

Original Mix: the amazing drop is loaded in such a freaky way that makes the track explode with a powerful and fast kick and bass, both accompanied by a rising synth and a shifter pitch. The cheerful melody creates the perfect break which gradually turns itself into a more straight and intense sound during the second drop.

Nicologik Remix: pretty raw version with kick and bass right in the face of the listener. The drop is characterized by the add of a vocal which launches the groove. The theme is soft: overwhelming pads and plucked sounds rise till the opening of a filter revealing a strong trance synth which gives a boost to the melody through the restart.

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